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Book of the Month: 40 Days to Unshakeable Self-Confidence

January is coming to a close and I have kept at least one promise to myself—read more and stream less. I don’t have a television, so it is really easy to run straight to my computer after work, to catch up on the latest web series, hit movie or—if you love reruns as much as I do—classic television show.

Honestly, the last thing I should do after staring at a computer screen all day at work, is go home and do the exact same thing. My bookshelf is entirely too full of unread books for me to think that I have time to do anything else but entertain myself the old-fashioned way.


Book of the Month:

40 Days to Unshakeable Self-Confidence: Design the Life You’ve Always Dreamed  by Lakisha Greenwade

I have decided to take the 40-day challenge handed down from Baltimore 40 under 40 award recipient, executive coach, Forbes contributor, and LuckiFit founder, Lakisha Greenwade.

In the days leading up to 2018, I sat down, like many others, and reflected on my goals. To take things a step further, I wrote down the actions that I need to take in order to achieve each one. But there is still one major detail that must be added to the equation—confidence.

I admit that I am a little wary of making “confidence” the focal point of this blog post. But if I can tell a room full of high school students, “Don’t let anyone tell you they have it all figured out,” I can certainly admit that I accept this challenge—not only to achieve my goals but to continue living my very best life; which requires a new level of transparency. The comes the imposter syndrome…

Imposter syndrome is defined by The Harvard Business Review as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. Imposter syndrome is real; it is also counterproductive to any plan you or I may scribble down onto the pages of our diaries, or spend hours organizing in Asana.

My remedy for instances of self-doubt is faith. (And the occasional call to a trusted friend or family member.) Prayer and meditation are essential to silencing the noise and focusing on what really matters, the truth—you are capable, worthy, and blessed. You are no “imposter.”

Instead of being your worst critic, try being your biggest cheerleader. Believing in yourself and your ability to thrive will always be the missing link to seeing your dreams manifest into reality.

Are you familiar with Imposter Syndrome or the Dunning Kruger Effect? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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