• Monique Wingard

Code Burnout: Conquering Mental Health for BIPOC

Updated: Jan 12

For years we’ve been hearing the same story in tech circles. The assumption that Black men and women are ill-equipped to thrive in STEM and the denial of systematic barriers in place that keep them from thriving. However, the stories we do not hear enough of are the damaging effects that kind of ideology and treatment has on the mental health of people working in technology.

In 2018, Ehi Aimiuwu — a former corporate technologist — decided to build a safe space to talk about mental health in tech called “Code Burnout.” The podcast serves as a judgment-free zone for people to share their experiences.

Even more, it is the result of several years of Aimiuwu feeling invisible, silenced, frustrated, and overworked — something most people of color in the tech industry can relate to. She said there was often an internal struggle to be cautious with her words.

She had to be careful in an effort to adhere to an unspoken code of conduct because it was easy to gain a label if you did not fall in line with company culture — even if it was toxic.


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