• Monique Wingard

Did You Get the Memo?

It’s a familiar phrase heard round the working professional world, “Did you get the memo?” or the dreaded, “You must have missed the memo.” No matter your familiarity with the word, speaker, professor, and now, author, Minda Harts has a memo for women of color that speaks to shared experiences, existing biases, and “ugly truths” that she says we can no longer ignore.

On Wednesday, August 29, Harts was the guest of honor for a much anticipated, honest discussion in downtown Chicago about the release of her book, “The Memo—What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table.” The discussion was led by Scrum Master, and host of Black Tech Unplugged, Deena McKay,

“She has a voice for women of color across many industries,” says McKay. “I was inspired by her message when everyone thought we could just “Lean In’ and other such tactics, but we can’t!”


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