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Party With a Purpose

I had the privilege of meeting FM SUPREME almost a year ago at Trinity United Church of Christ. On this particular evening, I was serving as a volunteer for a church sponsored event called, “Party with a Purpose.” This was a unique event that not only commemorated the anniversary of Pastor Otis Moss, III but strengthened the continued efforts of the congregation to give back to the community by hosting families from local transitional living facilities.

It brought me joy to see the smiling faces of the men, women, and children of A Safe Haven Foundation, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and the Door of Hope. Fathers and sons received haircuts and Mothers had the option to have both hair and makeup done before a 4-Star dinner for the entire family – complete with a hostess and table service.

But something else grabbed my heart and attention. At the close of the evening, everyone gathered in the sanctuary for live entertainment. One of the performers was a young lady introduced as “FM Supreme.” She entered with the enthusiasm and confidence you would hope to see in any artist pegged with the responsibility of kicking off the grand finale of such a wonderful evening. Well, she did not have any problems getting the party started… or the hands clapping and feet moving. What grabbed my attention more than the sound of her music, was the message and the admiration seen in the eyes of the young men and women in the sanctuary that evening.

So often, we hear about the negative influences music and the character of the men or women delivering the lyrics. But what are we saying about the artists who have committed their lives and craft to spreading a positive message? One of love for yourself and the community, perseverance in a world full of despair, and the importance of embracing our differences – not fighting over them.

Visit to stay up to date on the latest musical projects and civic efforts of this truly phenomenal young woman. #FMSUPREME


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