• Monique Wingard

Who Can Fix the Diversity Problem in Tech?

According to McNeil, only 3 percent of the computing workforce are black women who are 52 percent of the black population and over 8 percent of the American population. If you are still not convinced that there is a diversity problem in tech—especially for black women, here are a few more facts the CEO of Black Tech Jobs would like you to consider:

  • For every 151 tech workers in Illinois, there is only one black woman in senior leadership. Among white women, it’s one for every 10 workers.

  • There is one black manager for every 100 tech workers in Illinois, whereas the ratio is much smaller for white managers. On average, there is one white manager for every three tech workers.

  • For every dollar, a white male makes a black woman makes 61 cents

  • 57% of black women attend college, but only 22% earn a 4-year degree

  • Black women have historically had high participation in the labor market, but they continue to find themselves in lower paying jobs with slow to no wage growth


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