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2017 Check-In

There are 146 days until 2018.

Has your 2017 been going as planned? I've been sorting through papers and decided to take a peek at my Wunderlist to see how many completed "to-do's" I have. That list is actually pretty long. But the larger items remaining are glaring at me, every time I open the app–at least it feels that way. I've admittedly been avoiding them and I don't want to still be singing the "I'm gonna" do this, "gonna do" that song in 2018.

A friend told me yesterday that "It is exactly those things, that YES, will be the hardest, but also the most rewarding. My goal is to use these last few months to attack at least one of the dreaded items on my list and I encourage you to do the same.

Does anyone care to share a favorite and effective way of goal setting or breaking larger tasks down into much smaller ones? Post-It notes? Bulletins boards? Apps? Please share in the comments.


My Three Favorite Apps for Staying Organized on the Go:


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