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Moderator, Event Speaker, Panelist, Workshop Facilitator


Quarterly Social Media Bootcamp
"Rock Your Profile: LinkedIn Edition"

The Founding Moms


Do you want to stand out on LinkedIn? An interactive workshop that maximizes your LinkedIn account as an entrepreneur. Attendees learn how to develop a robust LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed!

The Founding Moms® is a global collective of offline masterminds and online resources where mom entrepreneurs can exchange, connect and learn from one another. Additionally, The Founding Moms® provides the most comprehensive online and offline resources for mom entrepreneurs who want a deep dive into marketing, branding, and sales so that they can build better businesses. 

Spring Work and Life Skills Boot Camp
"Technology on a Need to Know Basis"

Associated Colleges of Illinois


What are the key programs young professionals should know when they launch their careers? "Technology on a Need to Know Basis" is a review of the most common software and how it’s used on the job.

ACI's Boot camps help equip students to meet employers’ expectations and build rewarding lives and careers. Offered on ACI campuses, these sessions give students a leg up on successful job searches, networking, interviewing and workplace performance, as well as managing personal finances. 


The University of Chicago

Chicago, IL

The stEMPOWER Her Festival is a post-show event at Court Theatre, a performing arts company affiliated with the University of Chicago, where both student involvement and the participation of the surrounding South Side community is encouraged. The stEMPOWER HER Panel featured African-American female professionals in STEM in the Chicago area.

Case Western Reserve University 
Chicago Alumni Chapter: Women in Leadership

Chicago, IL

Moderated by Hilary Mohs, a panel discussion providing insight into women’s leadership and the issues facing women leaders in the workplace.

Ladies That Lead Conference

Google Headquarters

Chicago, IL

The Ladies That Lead Conference is a multi-day event hosted by The BOSS Network, that highlights influential women of color; who can inspire other women by sharing their strategies and journey to success. These distinguished women are leaders in their industry and community, by setting a standard for what success looks like and owning their power.

"R-You LinkedIn SAVVY?"


Chicago, IL

R-Ladies Chicago was founded in July 2017 with the goal of supporting women and gender minorities who use R. The group includes data scientists, career transitioners, academic researchers, industry experts, students, interested individuals, and others. 
Past R-Ladies events have included R workshops, career panels, networking events, and talks from package developers. 

"Are You LinkedIn SAVVY" focused on providing actionable steps for job-seekers, career-changers, and entrepreneurs.

FWD Collective Summit–Lightning Talk:
"Becoming a Social Entrepreneur"


Chicago, IL

A one-day summit dedicated to discussions on professional inclusion, business development, venture capital, and building teams. FWD Collective is a collective dedicated to professional inclusion hosting summits internationally featuring women, P.O.C., -represented communities connecting emerging entrepreneurs with established business professionals.

"Becoming a Social Entrepreneur" follows my journey from Ohio to every other city and "title" acquired along the way. During the presentation, I uncover every lesson learned along the way, including "There is a difference between any opportunity and the right opportunity."

Design for America Leadership Studio
“Ethics of Social Innovation”

Northwestern University

Evanston, IL

A panel discussion on “Ethics of Social Innovation” at Design for America's Leadership Studio. The theme of the conference focused on student empowerment and challenging students to use human-centered design to support Chicago-area high school students to shape their lives and communities. Design for America (DFA) is a grass-roots, student-led network that began at Northwestern in 2009. 

Entrepreneurial Journeys:
Black Women Activating Tech

Greater Englewood Community Development Corporation

Chicago, IL

In 2017, Nielsen reported that black women are not only leading influencers in the economy, media, and politics, but they are the fastest growing group of female entrepreneurs. "Entrepreneurial Journeys: Black Women Activating Tech" will focus on the personal journey and ultimate leap of faith taken to join the ranks of other female founders in tech, as well as the connection points for growth in the ever-changing Chicago tech ecosystem and beyond.

ACT-W Conference
"Rock Your LinkedIn Profile"

Northwestern University

Evanston, IL

A workshop that reviews best practices for utilizing LinkedIn as a job-seeker.


ACT-W events and conferences are powered by ChickTech, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering diversity in the technology workforce and increasing the number of womxn and girls pursuing tech-based careers. ChickTech is the nation’s leading nonprofit in growing and retaining the number of womxn and girls in technology, ACT-W events and conferences bring together talented tech womxn and allies, from beginning programmers to senior developers, to C-suite executives. 

The Black Women's Expo
"Black Women in Tech"

McCormick Place

Chicago, IL

The Black Women’s Expo is the nation’s foremost exposition targeting the African American consumer market. It is a weekend that empowers, enlightens and uplifts African American women and their families with informative seminars and panel discussions presented by notable local and national speakers and lecturers, educational exhibits and corporate displays, and rousing entertainment. Historically, the standing-room-only seminars have addressed such issues as health & wellness, racial equality, hair & beauty, travel, career advancement, business/entrepreneurship, the welfare of our children and much more.

Startup Institute:
Alumni Career Panel


Chicago, IL

What is startup culture? What skills are needed to succeed as a "startupreneur" or independent consultant in tech? What should be your first step towards landing a job and ultimately a career you are passionate about? A career panel featuring alumni of Startup Institute who have embarked on the journey of being an entrepreneur, team member, or startup founder.

From Quarters to Semesters to Online: The Organic Digital Evolution of a Production Intensive Undergraduate Course at Ohio University

Broadcast Education Association Annual Convention

Las Vegas, NV

What business does a University in rural Appalachia have in moving a production-intensive course online? As it turns out, quite a lot. This Panel will discuss this revolutionary migration of an undergraduate production course from a large-lecture to a hybrid-digital space using custom video lectures and materials, four former graduate students (and current industry professionals) from across the globe as course facilitators, and a new way of conceptualizing e-learning and student feedback.

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 2.08.23 AM.png

Moderator, Black Girls Code, Women in STEM Career Panel

Chicago, IL


Ladies That Lead in Tech

Google Headquarters

Chicago, IL

Colony5 Civic Tech Showcase

Studio Xfinity

Chicago, IL


ACT-W Conference

Northwestern University

Evanston, IL


CWRU Women in Leadership Panel

Chicago, IL

Hustle HER Way Summit

Alpha Lab Gear  

Pittsburgh, PA

FWD Collective Summit


Chicago, IL

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