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40th Street in Bronzeville:

This beautiful mural caught my eye today while I was out and about with a friend. So I had to pull over to snap a few pics. I did some research (A Google search…lol) and found out more about this mural and it’s importance to the current rebuilding and revitalization efforts in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood.

Prioritizing Culture: Bronzeville’s Approach to Commercial Development

by Marisa Novara

When you think commercial development, installing art may not spring immediately to mind, yet the Bronzeville Alliance and its partner organizations have made art a priority in developing the 47th Street corridor and surrounding areas. Bronzeville has been a pillar of African-American culture and community in Chicago since the early 20th century, so it should be no surprise that Bronzeville’s future is being paved by memorializing their famous past.


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