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After the Verdict

Photos Taken: July 20, 2013

July 15, 2013: My post verdict feelings are focused on keeping the current momentum of unity in the black community and beyond. Many, regardless of color recognize this as being unjust and baffling. How 6 women – some of whom may be mothers – could unanimously decide not to convict a MAN of shooting a CHILD, through the heart, for being suspicious… I simply do not understand. I would also like all other families and communities dealing with similar issues of violence and injustice to know that they have not been forgotten. I see so many comments online asking, “What about this [other] person? What about that [other] case?” But what I want each of them to know is, JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MEANS JUSTICE FOR ALL. The media attention the Zimmerman/Martin case received does not diminish what happened to your loved one or what may be happening in your city every day. It has brought many ugly things about our justice system and unfortunately the state of race relations in this country to light. Even more, it has ignited a new sense of responsibility in many people to stand up, speak out, and get involved. So please don’t compare one struggle or case to another. Simply take advantage of this as an opportunity to continue a fight that started a long time ago.

at Carl B. Stokes United States Court House


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