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From Hampton to London

I’ve told the story of my love for Hampton University many times to friends and in the occasional social media post. The first college acceptance letter to arrive in the mail during my senior year of high school, was from Hampton University. A Different World made it my dream school. But out of state fees and scholarships to in-state schools made it a dream deferred.

Over time, I have made several trips for one reason or another to Hampton, Virginia. But it was in 2017 that I ended up at Hampton University for a work trip, and partnered with an ambitious undergraduate student named, Desiree.

As many digital marketers, journalists, and all-around tech savvy women know, sometimes… Well many times… You have to function as a team of one to get the job done. I was fortunate enough on this occasion to have an assistant who was not only knowledgeable but enthusiastic about creating good content during our time together.

This year, I was tasked with covering the same event. Desiree had already walked across the stage, wearing her cap and gown with a new chapter and life ahead of her. Imagine my surprise and total excitement to find out that she wanted to come back and work with me again!

This is the part where I brag about the fact that she shot a video for the event and edited the file in about 10 minutes when I needed something to send out ASAP. (If only my Oprah empire was a reality today… I would have my first videographer.

In addition to now being a graduate of Hampton University, Desiree is the founder of Promo Jones, a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and one of four students selected to serve as an intern for eight weeks in London through City Internships!

To say that I am inspired (and see a glimpse of my undergraduate self) would be an understatement. It’s not possible that I’m more excited about this opportunity than she is–but it’s possible.

Please join me in encouraging and supporting a young woman on the rise here.


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