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Have you seen #SHEDIDTHATFILM?

In case you missed it, a new must-see documentary was featured in Chicago on February 11 at Row 24 Events and Productions. She Did That, a 71-minute film was created by the Brooklyn-based executive producer, Renae Bluitt. “It was time for a new challenge and God planted the seed for me to create this documentary,” says Bluitt.

The film “explores the passionate pursuits of Black women and their entrepreneurship journeys.” The film features female founders including Luvvie Ajayi (New York Times best-selling author), speaker, and digital strategist), Lisa Price (founder, Carol’s Daughter), Melissa Butler (founder, The Lip Bar) and Tonya Rapley (founder, My Fab Finance.)

The overall message of perseverance through uncertainty and adversity was not only relatable to many who applauded during the film but inspiring. I walked away feeling empowered, with an even more renewed sense of what it means to embrace your downfalls, just as much as your brilliance–both have value that can take you to your next level in life and in this case, business.

It should also be noted that this sold-out event was held in a woman-owned venue and hosted by Bonnie Smith’s, STUDIO B ENTERTAINMENT. Our MC for the evening? None other than Kendra G from WGCI. Yes, it was #blackgirlmagic all wrapped-up in one fabulous evening.

Here’s a quick fact for you… Black women are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs. According to #SHEDIDTHATFILM producer Renae Bluitt, there has been a 605% percent increase in businesses that are owned by black women. If you don’t believe her, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City can prove it in their most recent report which says that 60% of all businesses owned by African-Americans are owned by women.



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