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Letter to Jacque Reid: Tales of an Eager College Intern

Almost every day is TBT when I turn on the radio and often times when I post a photo. But this… Oh boy. This I have to share:

So I was scrolling through my 1TB external hard drive in search of a photo. I never found the photo. But I did find a now 13-year-old letter to Jacque Reid.

Unfortunately, our paths never crossed while I was in D.C. for my internship. However, I did manage to get Myra J’s autograph (Tom Joyner Morning Show), meet Eva Marcille, Susan Taylor, Bob Dole, Dorothy Height, Al Sharpton, Juan Williams, John Walsh, Clarence Page, and bumped into Jeff Johnson at the Mall. He told me about an exclusive party that was pretty much going to be impossible to get into unless you knew someone. As a favor, he offered to make a phone call to get me and ONE other friend into the party. I, however, asked if I could bring 4… (Looks at Rosalyn Steward) He laughed… And needless to say, I missed THAT party.

I wouldn’t trade my internship experience in for the world. (But I would like to pass on logging C-Span every other day. I’m 99% sure this is when and why my morning coffee habit started…) Even though the news was seemingly on fire at the time – Terry Schiavo was in a vegetative state, Michael Jackson was on trial – again, and Johnny Cochran died – by the end of the internship, my “aspirations” of wanting to work in television fizzled. (I fell in love with radio the following year thanks to Tosha Love.)

Jacque, if and when you read this… I hope you laugh as hard as I did. And should the opportunity ever present itself, I would still LOVE to interview you – sans the internship credit and letter grade.




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