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My First Step Into the Fear Paradox

I wasn’t sure what to expect at my first Fear Paradox. But any and all anxiety went away when I met a really nice lady on the elevator ride to the 19th floor of Merchandise Mart. She introduced herself as just, “Lola.” But I soon found out that she was “THE Lola P. Wright,” Spiritual Director of Bodhi Chicago, a center founded in 2003 with a mission to build an inclusive community for all to not only honor God, but reveal love, honor all paths, and celebrate life. Wright also served as the closing keynote speaker for the first day of the conference.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.49.04 PM.png

My Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. “Everything in life either causes us to be a victim or creator”

  2. “It is our responsibility to impact the planet in emerging, powerful, transformational ways.”

  3. “Anything that is stagnant, is dying… We’re not here to be stagnant creatures. We’re here to be on the edge of growth all the time.”

The conversation doesn’t have to end at Fear ParadoX! Join Lola every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. CT on the Lola Wright Facebook page for The New You LIVE! or visit Bodhi Spiritual Center every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.


So, You Want to Be a Hustler? (A Side Hustler, That Is…)


So you have a job. Maybe it’s your cherished home away from home and on one of the many lists of great places to work. But maybe there’s something else that you take great pride in—your side hustle.

According to CNN Money, more than 44 million Americans have a second job. WiSTEM Co-Facilitator, Jessica Williams wants to empower women to live their dreams through her very own side hustle,

Lucky for me, she was one of many fabulous coaches featured during the 2017 Fear Paradox Summit! I took a few notes to share with others trying to figure out how to navigate life in the hustle.

Techbizgurl’s Tips on Starting Your Side Hustle: 

  1. Earn passive income through affiliate marketing

  2. When deciding on a side hustle, try to figure out a need that is not being fulfilled

  3. Time management is imperative! Use the time blocking method to find hidden minutes in the day to build your empire 😉

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.17.37 PM

Photo Credit: Babelife Fitness

3 Digital Tools – Techbizgurl Approved

  1. Acuity: Schedule appointments

  2. Revue: Start a newsletter

  3. Typeform: Get feedback


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life


Do you watch Super Soul Sunday? Well, the “Ah-ha” moments were flowing on Day 2 of the ‘Fear ParadoX’ Summit, courtesy of Colleen Wilson, founder of Collaborate Chicago.


Having ambition is great, but sometimes ambition turns into an obsession with social status, titles, and my favorite―money. Granted each of these things can provide comfort and even happiness; but for how long?

What happens when the unspoken “committee on coolness” decides that your status should change? Would you still be happy if you were passed up for a promotion? (One that you know you were more than qualified for?) As for the money…it comes and it goes. (For bootstrapping entrepreneurs in Chicago, more often than not, it goes.)

What is left when you strip away all of the facades that, over time, start to replace the wholeness and sense of self-worth many of us have before society and our networks start to determine it for us? When we allow jobs, titles, and opinions to define us, we start to place more value on public opinion than our family, purpose, and sometimes health.

Colleen gave us a simple, yet much-needed reminder that our jobs do not define us; our actions and how we treat others, however, does. It’s O.K. to make being a genuinely good person cool again. Knowing that you have the power to leave this world better than when you got here should make you want to reassess your measure of what success really is in this lifetime.

Who YOU are is so much more important than what you do. Everything outside of who you are can be taken away at any moment. #fearparadoX 💜 — Monique Wingard MSSA (@MoniqueWingard) July 29, 2017


  1. Brush up on your understanding of Applied Positive Psychology

  2. Take a free course on Applied Positive Psychology

“The bottom line is “other people matter.” #fearparadox17 #fearparadox 💜 — Monique Wingard MSSA (@MoniqueWingard) July 29, 2017
Colleen is preaching in here! Are you addicted to achievement without purpose? #fearparadoX 💜 #fearparadoX17 — Monique Wingard MSSA (@MoniqueWingard) July 29, 2017
Start with WHY. 👈🏾#fearparadoX 💜 #fearparadox17 — Monique Wingard MSSA (@MoniqueWingard) July 29, 2017


New memories, friends, resources, and wisdom in just 3 days. I am inspired by every woman who gathered to share and learn from one another, with no judgment, no pretense; just a community of dynamic women who have a vision for their lives and want to push through to the other side of fear–and lead the way for others to do the same.

Thank you to the entire Fear Paradox team. I’m going to start planning for 2018 with friends who didn’t make it this year. This opportunity is too valuable to keep to myself.

“Lift as you climb.” – @dimaelissa


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