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Roots and Routes to Grow

On my way back home after a run on Lakeshore, I noticed a few tents going up, trucks, and a stage being set-up at a nearby park. So I decided to be the tourist/inquisitive person that I am and ask someone – who looked friendly – what was going on?

I found out that the Chicago Park District was setting up for a community tree planting day called “Roots and Routes to Grow.”

This seemed like a great way to settle in to my new home and hopefully meet a few new people as well. So I decided to skip any late-night Friday outings to prepare for a date with nature the following morning.

Not only did I meet a few of my Hyde Park neighbors, but I – someone who will shut down everything if I spot a spider on the wall, floor, anywhere – threw on a pair of rusty gym shoes, sweat pants and a t-shirt, put on the provided work gloves, picked up the gardening tools at my assigned work area; and planted over 25 trees off of Lakeshore drive.

Read more about this event here.

Also featured in the Chicago Tribune.


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