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The First Annual Gray Matter Experience Fundraiser

We hear so much about what is not being done to move our communities forward and young people often catch a bad rap. I choose to focus on the good by amplifying the voices of people who are doing the work to improve our communities.

The work Britney Robbins is doing through The Gray Matter Experience (GME) is vital to seeing the kind of leadership we want to see in our schools, homes and neighborhoods. I am inspired by the mere fact that each GME student had the option to not pursue their passion or put in the hard work to develop something that started as just an idea. They chose to invest in themselves and that is to be commended.

Please show your support for an organization that is not just talking about making a difference in the lives of our youth. Click here to donate and ensure that 160 more students can take their first step towards entrepreneurship and learn from the best, every step of the way.


Thank you for this GMEChanging Champion Award, Britney. It means the world. But my support doesn’t stop here my friend! I will continue spreading the word and supporting our future leaders however I can.


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