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Marketing & Social Media Director

Computer Training Institute of Chicago

I managed the social media presence while also developing and implementing the brand, marketing, and communication strategy of the school.

My General Responsibilities Included:
• Social media marketing using Hootsuite and Salesforce Social Studio
• Supervise student interns
• Teach introductory level computer literacy and LinkedIn workshops
• Event management
• Email marketing using MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
• Maintaining online presence of company YELP page 
• Provide administrative support for youth program, "TechMen"
• Serve as a company representative at various events
• Standard clerical duties including providing quality customer service for current and prospective students

Social Media responsibilities included curating and creating content for over 40 social media accounts:
- 13 Facebook Accounts
- 7 Twitter Accounts
- 6 Google Plus Accounts
- 9 LinkedIn Accounts
- 2 YouTube Accounts
- 3 Tumblr Accounts
- 2 Instagram Accounts (Computer Training Institute of Chicago and MPower Movement)
- 2 Foursquare Accounts (Computer Training Institute of Chicago and MPower Movement)
- 1 Meerkat Account 
- 1 Periscope 
- 1 Pinterest

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